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Published: Sep 12th, 2013

View Lecture Slides with Transcript  – Sampling  – All Parts Part A (5:05) Part B (4:20) Starts with Stratified and Cluster Samples Part C (3:13) Starts with multi-stage sampling This […]

Little Handbook – Design & Sampling

Published: Feb 16th, 2013

View the Reading on Study Design (≈12,000 words; much more than we cover in this course!) View the Reading on Random Samples and Randomization (≈700 words) From the online version of Little Handbook […]

Summary (Unit 2)

Published: Dec 29th, 2012

In this unit, we discussed the first step in the big picture of statistics — production of data. Production of data happens in two stages: sampling and study design. Our goal in sampling is […]

Learn By Doing – Sampling (Software)

Published: Dec 28th, 2012

Use the solutions provided to answer the questions below. Optional: Create your own solutions using your software for extra practice. Objective: The purpose of this activity is to show you […]

Did I Get This – Sampling

Published: Dec 28th, 2012

    An insurance industry research foundation wants to study the quality of care given to all patients at risk for heart disease in the United States. Since not all […]



Published: Jul 28th, 2012

Sampling Plans Cluster or Stratified — which one is better? Overview So Far Sample Size Let’s Summarize CO-2: Differentiate among different sampling methods and discuss their strengths and limitations. Video: Sampling (12:38) […]