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Types of Variables

Published: Jun 13th, 2013

Classifying Types of Variables Software Activity Why Does the Type of Variable Matter? CO-4: Distinguish among different measurement scales, choose the appropriate descriptive and inferential statistical methods based on these distinctions, […]

What is Data?

What is Data?

Published: Jun 12th, 2013

What do we really mean by data? Individuals, Observations, or Cases Independent Observations Variables Various Uses of the Term INDEPENDENT in Statistics CO-1: Describe the roles biostatistics serves in the discipline […]

Role of Biostatistics

Published: May 31st, 2013

What is Biostatistics? Steps in a Research Project Our first course objective will be addressed throughout the semester in that you will be adding to your understanding of biostatistics in […]

The Big Picture

The Big Picture

Published: Jul 30th, 2012

CO-1: Describe the roles biostatistics serves in the discipline of public health. Throughout the course, we will add to our understanding of the definitions, concepts, and processes which are introduced here. […]