SAS (All Courses)

Here we provide links to tutorials and lectures on using SAS statistical software.

Don’t forget your semicolons! And definitely don’t forget to look at your LOG file!!

General Information

  • “The Little SAS Book” is an excellent resource for beginning SAS programmers.
    • Always look for the latest edition (currently the fifth edition).
    • There is a version for standard SAS as well as one for SAS Enterprise guide (a “point and click” version of SAS).
    • This book is available via books 24/7 through the UF library system.  You must be logged in through the network (on campus computer or vpn connection, etc.) to access the text.
  • Paul D. Allison has numerous books on specific types of analyses in SAS.

PHC 6052: Introduction to Biostatistical Methods

Additional Videos and Resources

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