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Did I Get This – Probability Rule Six

Published: Jan 27th, 2013

    This document is linked from Conditional Probability and Independence.

Did I Get This – Relative Frequency

Published: Jan 7th, 2013

What are the breakfast-eating habits of college students? On a random typical weekday, a group of 460 college students was surveyed and 253 of them reported that they had eaten […]

Learn By Doing – Empirical Probability #2

Published: Jan 7th, 2013

Purpose The purpose of this activity is to experiment with an applet to find the P(H) when it is unknown whether the coin is fair or not. The link below […]

Video – Basic Properties of Probability

Published: Dec 30th, 2012

Video (0:53) Transcript – What Is Probability This document is linked from Introduction to Probability.

Did I Get This – Study Design

Published: Dec 29th, 2012

    This document is linked from Designing Studies.

Did I Get This – Simpson’s Paradox

Published: Dec 26th, 2012

    This document is linked from Causation.

Did I Get This – Measures of Center

Published: Dec 20th, 2012

    Hint   Hint   Hint This document is linked from Measures of Center.

Did I Get This – Histograms

Published: Aug 19th, 2012

    More practice with histograms. This document linked from Histograms and Stemplots.

Role of Biostatistics in the Steps of a Research Project

Published: Jul 30th, 2012

The following video adapted from material available at Johns Hopkins – Introduction to Biostatistics provides an overview of the steps in a research project and provides some examples of the roles biostatistics […]

Learn By Doing – Penelope’s Learning Strategies

Published: Jul 30th, 2012

Practice with metacognition.