Topic 9: B – Grouped Scatterplots

Published: January 27th, 2015

Category: Learning Statistical Software, SPSS Info and Tutorials

CO-7: Use statistical software to analyze public health data.

Video (2:54)

The following video illustrates creating a grouped scatterplot using CHART BUILDER. This allows investigating the effect of one categorical explanatory variable and one quantitative explantory variable on our quantitative response variable simultaneously. The following files are associated with this video.

  • Menus and Steps Used:
    • Double-click on the SPSS dataset (STEP3) to open SPSS with that data loaded
    • For Scatterplots – Go to GRAPHS – CHART BUILDER
      • Select Scatter/Dot from the lower left menu
      • Double-Click or drag the SECOND chart into the graph preview area (reset the tool if needed)
      • Drag a quantitative variable onto the y-axis (response variable)
      • Drag a quantitative variable onto the x-axis (explanatory variable)
      • Drag a categorical variable into the Set Color box in the upper right corner
      • Click OK
      • Double-click on the graph to edit.
      • Choose “Add Fit Line at Subgroups” from the ELEMENTS menu or the toolbar icon which looks like two lines.
      • Add Linear and/or LOESS lines using this tool – click APPLY to save any changes before closing
      • Close the editor when finished
    • Save SPSS output by going to the output and File – Save or by closing SPSS and following the prompts

This document is linked from our main SPSS page under Software.