Topic 9: A – Basic Scatterplots

Published: January 27th, 2015

Category: Learning Statistical Software, SPSS Info and Tutorials

CO-7: Use statistical software to analyze public health data.

Video (2:38)

The following video illustrates exploratory data analysis in Case QQ where we wish to investigate the relationship between two quantitative variables using a scatterplot. Here we will use CHART BUIILDER to accomplish this task. The following files are associated with this video.

  • Menus and Steps Used:
    • Double-click on the SPSS dataset (STEP3) to open SPSS with that data loaded
    • For Scatterplots – Go to GRAPHS – CHART BUILDER
      • Select Scatter/Dot from the lower left menu
      • Double-Click or drag the FIRST chart into the graph preview area (reset the tool if needed)
      • Drag a quantitative variable onto the y-axis (response variable)
      • Drag a quantitative variable onto the x-axis (explanatory variable)
      • Click OK
      • Double-click on the graph to edit.
      • Choose “Add Fit Line at Total” from the ELEMENTS menu or the toolbar icon which looks like one line.
      • Add Linear and/or LOESS lines using this tool – click APPLY to save any changes before closing
      • Close the editor when finished
    • Save SPSS output by going to the output and File – Save or by closing SPSS and following the prompts

This document is linked from our main SPSS page under Software.