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Published: March 30th, 2014

Category: Activity 5: Videos, Dr. Cantrell's Lectures

The following video was created for this section and the full course summary and is presented in both locations.

Course Summary Part E (3:00)

View Lecture Slides with Transcript – Part E of Course Summary

  • Slides 42 – 51: ANOVA

Original Videos

  • The following videos are old but cover all of the important points :-)
  • There are more details in these videos than in the course summary video above.
  • There is no presentation available but the videos generally follow the course materials.

Part A (14:37)

  • Review of Methods Covered So Far
  • Comparing Means With More Than Two Groups
  • Idea of and Steps in the ANOVA F-Test
  • There is one section where audio was added after the fact – it is easy to tell due to the quality and volume difference. Apologies for the lack of consistency and quality.

Transcript – Unit 4B Case CQ More than Two Independent Samples A

Part B (6:38)

  • Comments about ANOVA Conclusion
  • Concept of Multiple Comparison Procedures
  • Example 1: Academic Frustration
  • Example 2: Flicker Frequency

Transcript – Unit 4B Case CQ More than Two Independent Samples B

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