Live Examples – Calcium Oxalate Crystals

Published: January 22nd, 2014

Category: Activity 5: Videos, Dr. Cantrell's Lectures

The following videos were recorded live and give a set of examples of finding basic probabilities from data.  This is an excellent review of many of the types of problems and important ideas from Unit 3A.

Presentation Slides – Live Calcium Oxalate Crystals (slide numbers are not the same as in the videos)

Live Video – Dataset Introduction (6:32)

Transcript – Dataset Introduction

  • This video reviews content from Unit 1 as well as introduces you to the dataset we will use to illustrate basic probability.

Live Video – Basic Probability Using Logic (7:48)

Transcript – Live Basic Probability Using Logic

Live Video – Probability Rules Part 1 (3:30)

Transcript – Live Rules Part 1

Live Video – Independence Part 1 (4:59)

Transcript – Live Independence Part 1

Live Video – Conditional Probability (7:50)

Transcript – Live Conditional Probability

Live Video – More Practice with Conditional Probability (0:43)

Transcript – Live More Practice with Conditional Probability

Live Video – Independence Part 2 (3:47)

Transcript – Live Independence Part 2

Live Video – General Multiplication Rule (2:16)

Transcript – Live General Multiplication Rule

Live Video – Repeated Sampling (2:53)

Transcript – Live Repeated Sampling

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