Sampling Distributions

Published: October 15th, 2013

Category: Activity 5: Videos, Dr. Cantrell's Lectures

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The applet used in this video is no longer available.

Work to understand the idea – we are now looking at x-bar and p-hat as our “data” and in order to get multiple measurements, we need to repeat the entire sampling process exactly. We need to repeat this process of sampling and recording our statistic until we have as many values as we require.

In practice we don’t do this, we only look at one sample – but the THEORY of frequentist statistics relies on the statistician understanding what happens if we repeat the sampling process.

Part A (5:13)

  • Slides 1-4

Part B (5:52)

  • Slides 5-8

Part C (5:53)

  • Slides 9-12

Part D (5:20)

  • Slides 13-17

Part E (6:27)

  • Slides 18-26: Applet: Sampling Distribution for p-hat, the sample proportion

Part F (2:30)

  • Slides 27-34: Applet: Sampling Distribution for x-bar, the sample mean

Part G (2:45)

  • Slide 35 – Summary

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