Did I Get This – Proportions (Step 2)

Published: March 17th, 2013

Category: Activity 2: Did I Get This?

The UCLA Internet Report (February 2003) estimated that a proportion of roughly 0.75 of online homes are still using dial-up access, but claimed that the use of dial-up is declining. Is that really the case? To examine this, a follow-up study was conducted a year later in which, out of a random sample of 1,308 households that had Internet access, 804 were connecting using a dial-up modem.
Let p be the proportion of all U.S. Internet-using households who have dial-up access. In a previous activity, we established that the appropriate hypotheses here are:

Ho: p = 0.75 and Ha: p < 0.75



Ann and Sam are both testing the hypothesis that 40% of plain M&M’s are orange, Ho: p = 0.40. Ann draws a sample of M&M’s and 45% of the M&M’s in her sample are orange. She calculates a test statistic of z = 1.25. Sam draws a sample of M&M’s and 50% of the M&M’s in his sample are orange. He calculates a test statistic of z = 1.

What can we conclude? Mark each statement as true or false.


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