Did I Get This – Conditional Probability

Published: January 28th, 2013

Category: Activity 2: Did I Get This?

Consider the piercing example, where the following two-way table is given,

A table of the data. The column headings are "Pierced," "Not Pierced," and "Total." The Rows are "Male," "Female," and "Total." The data in the cells is given in "Row, Column: Value" format: Male, Pierced: 36; Male, Not Pierced: 144; Male, Total: 180; Female, Pierced: 288; Female, Not Pierced: 32; Female, Total: 320; Total, Pierced: 324; Total, Not Pierced: 176; Total, Total: 500;

Recall also that M represents the event of being a male (“not M” represents being a female), and E represents the event of having one or both ears pierced.


This document is linked from Conditional Probability and Independence.