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Published: November 14th, 2012

Category: Activity 5: Videos, Dr. Cantrell's Lectures

The following videos were created for this section and the full course summary and is presented in both locations.

Part G (3:14)

  • Slides 58 – 65: Correlation

Part H (6:32)

  • Slides 66 – 73: Regression

Original Videos

  • The following videos are old but cover all of the important points :-)
  • There are more details in these videos than in the course summary video above.
  • There is no presentation available but the videos generally follow the course materials.
  • There are closed captions but no transcripts for these videos.

Part A (10:53)

  • Introduction to Case QQ and Review
  • Concept of the Hypotheses related to Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient and the Slope of the Linear Regression Equation

Part B (8:47)

  • Review of Correlation
  • Steps in Hypothesis Test for the Population Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient (rho)
  • Discussion of Spearman’s Rank Correlation Coefficient (Possible Alternative When Assumptions Violated for Pearson’s)

Part C (2:07)

  • Correlation Example: Newborn Cry Count vs. IQ at Age 3

Part D (12:39)

  • Introduction to Regression
  • Simple Linear Regression Model
  • Visual Representations of the Simple Linear Regression Model

Part E (9:59)

  • Definition of R-squared – The Coefficient of Determination
  • Test for Significance in Simple Linear Regression

Part F (6:16)

  • Examples

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