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Published: November 14th, 2012

Category: Activity 5: Videos, Dr. Cantrell's Lectures

The following video was created for this section and the full course summary and is presented in both locations.

Course Summary Part F (5:30)

View Lecture Slides with Transcript – for Part F of Course Summary

  • Slides 52 – 57: Chi-square test

Original Videos

  • These videos may still use an old “module” based terminology which we no longer use, apologies for any confusion.
  • There are more details in these videos than in the course summary video above.
  • There is no presentation available but the videos generally follow the course materials.
  • There are only automatic closed captions and no transcripts for these videos.

Case CC – Part A (8:04)

  • Introduction to Case CC

Case CC – Part B (10:49)

  • RxC Case – General Case
  • Fake Data Example
    • Finding expected cell counts assuming the two categorical variables are independent
    • Comparing data to expected counts to get an “idea” about how “rare” our data might be, assuming the variables are independent

Case CC – Part C (10:55)

  • 2×2 Case
    • Calculating Expected Counts
    • Fake Data Example
    • Risk Difference
    • Odds Ratio

Case CC – Part D (5:16)

  • Steps for Chi-square Test for Independence
  • Steps for Fisher’s Exact Test

Case CC – Part E (8:22)

  • Example 1 – Low Birth Weight vs. various explanatory variables
  • Example 2 – Looks vs. Personality Revisited (reduced to two categorical variables)

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